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REBL HOUSE Wins First Clutch Award for one of Canada’s Top B2B Creative Agencies


2020-WON is the year where reality in a world of virtual reality becomes a little more tangible. As people continue to forge on in the hope for a seemingly more normal tomorrow, we need to take our experiences from the last year head on and reflect on how it was able to push capabilities in our work even further. 2020 was a year of many (many) things, however, we think it’s important to focus on the wins and use those commemorative moments to keep moving forward, do better, try harder and think larger.


By nature, REBL House has a mission to take limitless imagination and convert it into original content that sparks meaningful conversation. We’re comprised of a team of unique individuals who inherently think differently. The new “you’re on mute” is the old “just playing devil’s advocate here” - both necessary mentions when looking at this melting pot of creativity when trying to bring one’s vision to life. We always make sure everyone in the room is heard and ensure every idea is pushed to the limits. 2016 was not only the year of Cheap Thrills but the year that REBL House was born, and we’ve been trying to fill the creative space both in Montreal and beyond ever since.


This spiel was not only to mention Sia but to announce an immense honor (one of those wins we were talking about a little earlier), being our very first milestone on Clutch. 


Clutch is the leader in connecting global service providers with corporate buyers from around the world. Every month, Clutch Leader Awards recognize the highest-performing B2B companies by industry, service focus, and location.


Not to toot our own horn (warning, a little tooting will be happening) - according to their press release, REBL House is Quebec’s finest video production company. We hope it has something to do with our eye-catching videos and amazing team but we know we owe a whole lot of it to our incredible partners. Since that wasn’t good enough, we also made it on their Leaders Matrix for the category!

We think our Chief Executive Officer sums up our excitement quite perfectly:


"We're honoured to be recognized as one of the leading creative agencies in Canada by Clutch. I truly believe it's a result of our team's combined efforts to put our partners goals first, while simultaneously bringing unrivalled creativity to every project. Proud of what we've accomplished thus far, but more-so excited about what the future has in store!”


We not only love to thank but need to thank everyone for making this possible, our partners especially. We appreciate their consistent and incredible support to push every project further and make each creative collaboration better than the last. We’re also so grateful for their wonderful reviews on our Clutch profile - we’re proud to be a five-star agency and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Now, let’s bring your vision to life! Send us a message and let’s collaborate!