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DEAR 2021...


Andrea Van Toch

2020 was a year built up of 365 days that either felt like it passed with a blink of an eye or an entire lifetime wrapped up into one… depending on who you’re asking. It’s safe to say that people took an interest in global affairs far more than ever before - every moment felt momentous, whether it was met with a victory or a loss. Furthermore, I’ll spare you the whole 2020 was “special” and get right into what REBL was able to learn this year and how we’re using it to grow in 2021.


Thanks to globalization, our global community believed that we were closer than ever before. Well, we were wrong - we just didn’t have the fire of a global pandemic under our ass’ yet. Up until this past year, people from sea to sea felt comfortable knowing that we were connected because with one click or call, any of us could be on a plane, train or automobile and arrive the next morning. Well turns out… that’s still the case but unfortunately I’m seeing the sunshine in LA through a Zoom box. Little did we know, 2020 was going to step it up a notch. Looking through the REBL lens, we needed to solve (quickly I might add) how to forge on. We were in need of our own Room of Requirements, and for those who didn’t use quarantine as an opportunity to catch up on your Harry Potter, we were looking for a door to solutions that not only supported our clients but also ways in which we could adapt and try things differently. However, nothing of what we were able to achieve as a team this year was magical, it was hard work, long Zooms and amplified communication that got us to where we are today. So, this is where the learnings come in. Although we’ve experienced times that yearned community as much people experienced divide, our reach was further than ever. We now rely on technology far more than before. As a production team, we’ve worked with the notion of having “our feet on the ground” whether that be a large shoot set in Montreal or one that required travel. Our feet on the ground became less of an option but our eyes (virtually) on the on the prize didn’t waver. We were now able to communicate, work and collaborate across cities and seas, and even better from the comfort of our own couch.


So, 2021, what do you have in store for us? Assuming that 2020 was the never ending drunk uncle causing chaos at Christmas dinner - we’re hopeful that we can jump camera first into January keeping the following learnings from the


previous year and the appreciation that we can keep moving forward.


VIRTUAL CREATION: Which we’ve coined REBL Remote. A creative production service allowing our clients to produce professional content, and even better, from the comfort of their own home. Never did we think that we would be creating and conceptualizing productions that would be captured completely from a distance. Moving and grooving into the new year, we are utilizing the ability to communicate online and expand our breadth of knowledge to those we are capturing. Authentic connection and representation have never been more important, which is why we’re adapting to virtual creation. Using our knowledge and communication skills that have now been put to the test, we’re working towards capturing stories through the eyes and hands of those telling them.



EMBRACE THE NEW: If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that a little bit of the unknown isn’t a bad thing. It pushed brands and companies, REBL included, to try things differently and learn to adapt to the new world we’re working in. One example, digital transformation. The need to digitize had been a looming cloud across industries for years, however, this past year turned the ignition on and companies had to make the fast decision to either put the pedal to the metal or sit in neutral. Our suggestion, dive in and embrace the new.


PERSONALIZE THE IMPERSONAL: This may be the most important of them all. When collaborating with our clients, we are bringing their vision to life. Regardless of the size of the project, we are here to tell a story. For many, the idea of communicating and working online may seem like an impersonal experience. However, if it’s done right, personal touches can be found in every and any interaction. Do things (virtually) face-to-face, check in as often as possible and be there to support those you’re collaborating with every step of the way.


Now… 2021 let’s see what you got.