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Video Marketing to Amplify Your Brand

In today’s time, businesses can only go so long with blogs, images, and podcasts. Compared to other types of content, video has the power to amplify and breathe life into a brand. We at REBL HOUSE INC., want to bring your ideas and visions into stunning videoLocated in the heart of Montreal, Canada, our team is a world-class video and photo production team that provides the all-around services you need to elevate your brand. Our team’s mission is to create meaningful content that can help you make a lasting impact on your audiences. We all know that the idea of video marketing isn’t new. It can be thrown around casually by some marketers; unfortunately, not everyone knows the right formula on how to produce compelling works of art.

If you’re not posting or generating video content, you’re not doing it right.

With seven years of experience, the REBL HOUSE INC. team has helped numerous brands from all over the world. To honor their appreciation for our services, we’re going to share with you some of our latest client reviews on Clutch!


Clutch is an independent B2B review and market research platform that helps brands know more about the IT, marketing, and business services sectors. The site gathers insights from past and present clients to guide potential corporate buyers.

Wonderful Insights

As of writing, our team has earned 8 incredible reviews that highlight our flexibility and the quality of our work. Some of the services that we’re reviewed include animated video services, digital marketing services, photography, and video production.

Check out some of their testimonials about the REBL HOUSE INC. team!

“They worked on developing a working and lasting relationship and demonstrated a passion for what they do. They are unique, modern and stay abreast of trends which allows me to put my full trust in their company and most importantly the people.” — Creative Manager, Penningtons 

“I like REBL’s energy and humility. In all of my years in this industry, I don’t work with people I’m not familiar with. It may be a bad habit, but if I don’t have affinity or friendship with the person I’m doing business with, I’m just not interested. In connection with that, since I already have a level of trust established with REBL HOUSE, I've been confident that I can work with them.” — Founder, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Québec

We are eternally grateful to have such wonderful clients by our side. REBL HOUSE INC. is honored to have these great reviews on our profile!

The trust and support of our clients are what keep us going. We couldn’t be more thankful. These are just two out of those eight remarkable reviews. Visit our vendor profile on Clutch to take a closer look at our other clients’ insights.

The projects entrusted by our clients are also the reason why we are recognized as a top video production in Canada. According to Top Design Firms, a new B2B website, REBL HOUSE INC. ranks among the best and brightest in the industry this 2021!

Let’s collaborate! Video production goes well with top-tier marketing strategies; we at REBL HOUSE INC. can help you with both and more! Send us a message and tell us more about what you have in mind today.