Are You Content With Content?

Montreal is a vibrant city, full of art, life, and more languages to count. There is an endless amount of content being fed to every individual, whether it be through your screen, your friends, or simply by walking down the street. There is a lot to see, learn, and a whole lot to do. However, are you satisfied with the creative content being presented to you? Better yet, are you aware that it’s even there?

For leaders of the creative sphere, for those who are pumping out this never ending feed of content possibilities, it’s a hard job. As a creative agency that offers music and video production, graphics, animations, brand development, and whatever else comes our way, it’s safe to say that we need to stay on top of our game.

That being said, there are positives and negatives to this so called “game”. Considering that technology now allows for anyone and their mother (or father) to give them the opportunity to create, it’s made for a lot more competition. However, it’s also given more people the chance to be creative and have an outlet for self expression in ways they may not have had before. At REBL, we believe strongly in the individual’s talent and giving them the platform to grow and explore their field of interest. REBL Jam’s for one.

We need to search from the outside as much as we do the inside to continue to create interesting and progressive pieces of work that not only we can be proud to call our own, but one that the client would want to release under their own name and most importantly of all, something that someone like you would look at, be interested in, and maybe even log into your own memory. However, what’s this secret formula? As the creative, how are you going to know that something is going to work? Well for the most part, you don’t, but you shoot your shot and really hope for the best.

All that being said, we try to work with talent across the board, whether it be cinematographers, musicians, editors, and the list goes on. We love to collaborate with as many people as possible because two, and possibly ten, creatives are better than one. If you’re someone who wants to tell a story, whatever it may be, give us a shout. We’d love to chat and have you join us in trying to make our community and beyond content with their content.


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