B(ack)2 Spring

There’s a lot that can be said through the power of movement and use of colour. For Spring 2019, we didn’t wait for the heat, we decided to make it for ourselves. For a little inspo, and a little warmth, we happily left Montreal and shot some campaign content in a place where it’s Summer year round. Thanks to B2, we got rid of our snowy boots and took our dancing shoes to Mexico. Tulum was the absolute perfect place to reflect what B2 is sending your way this season; statement pieces that are bright and full of life. Right in swing with the trends, delivering bold colours and vibrant neons. There’s also nothing like a little language barrier to emphasize the need for strong visuals.

The most artistically challenging step throughout the entire process of a project of this caliber is creating a concept that will be visually appealing, tell the product’s story right, while keeping relevant and entertaining. The use of colour, when done properly, can tell a story in itself. For example, if Batman and the Joker were duelling it out on a bright and sunny island under the sun instead of the mysterious streets of Gotham City, the movie would definitely have a different vibe. We decided to utilize this power and take advantage of colours representation of the seasons changing from gloomy Winter days to sunny and hopeful Spring journées.

The video begins in black and white with a woman sitting in front of a blank television. All of a sudden she turns on the tv, which radiates energy immediately to the video, bringing life to the screen. Through this change, Tulum is able to show what it was born with, involving street markets, street art and beach vibes that pour from the ocean into every nook and cranny of the town. The viewer is taken on a journey by several Mexican locals, showing off their dancing moves, and their dancing shoes that come with them.

Once we have the idea, how do we truly make it come to life? It’s certain that every creative agency has their own technique, but we like to take things hands on. A huge element of this shoot was to ensure we had props and wardrobe to accent the shoes of the show. And at Rebl House, we always like to add our own little touch into the mix. From a retro boom box, an OG tv and a personalized B2 skateboard, every accented piece added to the story and feel of the project. Naturally, someone we need to give a special shoutout to is Montreal native, Cary Tauben, who we were lucky enough to have as our own honorary Rebl for a week. He styled everyone, including our own team, to perfection, allowing each dancer and model to move freely and look great while doing it.

Each turn of the season we watch the B2 trends change and their shoes move fashion forward, giving us a push to be our best creative selves. If you’re given great content, you have a responsibility to make great content. Our goal was to bring our experience in Tulum and the feel of the shoes to the screen, and we think we accomplished just that. Check out B2 and Rebl socials, search us up online, or simply look up when you pass by a Browns store to see for yourself and let us know what you think!


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