It's Always Sunny On International Women's Day!

Honing in on our days in California a few weeks ago, there’s a lot to be said for the self- sufficient woman. Thanks to #TeamDynamite, we had the opportunity to meet and work with 12 strong and vibrant influencers; learn about who they are, how they started, and where they're heading. Having the opportunity to work with an incredible team, while seeing San Francisco was an amazing experience in itself. However, the story behind the lens (shoutout to International Women’s Day) was one that made it even more special. At REBL, we know how to applaud and encourage women in any and every capacity, which is why collaborating on a production celebrating ultimate Girl Power was an absolutely perfect fit.

Today’s millennial run, social media crazed world has broadened so many horizons in terms of being able to speak loudly and proudly. This has impacted our work greatly, we’re now constantly hyper-aware of producing content to feed the needs of social conversation. It’s played a huge role in garnering communities of people from all around the globe.

Dynamite’s International Women’s Day project allowed women from different backgrounds, both personal and professional, to have their own visual identity. The production’s foundational elements highlight the strength of women and what we can accomplish when we come together as a unit. One individual that we need to give a special shoutout to is Drea #Bodylicious Wheeler, who we were lucky enough to join on our San Francisco ‘workation’ and learn about her rise to being the fittest chick in town. Even though she is not a Montreal native, we are more than happy to call her our own. Her ongoing roster of accomplishments is nothing short of incredibly impressive. Along with being a fitness instructor, a part owner of Victoria Park, she tops it all off with being a luxury fitness influencer.

March 8th, International Women’s Day, marks a huge step forward in our society’s acceptance of equality and what women are truly capable of accomplishing. For example, take our fearless leader, Alex #Absofuckinglutely Toulch. A self- sufficient entrepreneur paving the creative way towards pushing boundaries in terms of videography, production, design, and anything else that falls under the REBL sun. We are also proud to be a female-dominant company, filled with #Rebl’lious creative women, who rock it at work every single day!

There’s a never-ending list of women to be on the lookout for, and we plan on keeping you in the loop as to who to keep your eye on. For now, Dynamite has you covered, go check out their socials to follow our adventure to golden San Fransisco and to see for yourself what these 12 ladies have in store. A special thank you to Dynamite, especially the #LookDynamite team, who we were lucky enough to work with on this special project. Today’s the day ladies and gents, and remember, as Queen B said herself, who run the world? GIRLS.


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