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The Oscars are never anything short of controversial, and this year, the Academy definitely kept the ball rolling. From host - to no host. From celebrating categories such cinematography and editing, to saying nvm, then to saying nvm again and bringing them back by popular demand. There’s a lot to keep up with. Since we are REBLs of the arts, including having cinematographers and editors of our own, we took a particular interest in this years’ yoyo decision-making.

We get it; the Oscars are a true Sunday night commitment, bringing us three (closer to four) hours of highs and lows. However, by cutting such categories, the Academy, although a self-proclaimed community of people who love to entertain, were definitely able to stir up some controversy in the arts world.

If you don’t see the issue behind the cuts, let me give you a scenario. As a producer, after spending weeks, or possibly months of prep, I show up on set with my team of designers, stylists and models. Everything is set and ready to go. But if no one is there to capture it, aka a cinematographer, what’s the point? Let me tell you, there isn't one. I could just as easily set out an example of holding hours and hours of footage with no one to be able to cut it down into a concise and beautiful 30 second edit, but I think you get it.

In short, we’ll forgive all members of the Academy for taking these categories out of the Oscars for a hot minute, but we can’t say we’ll forget.

Now, on the topic of the Oscars, we’re going to take the opportunity to give our two cents on last nights winners. Even though we definitely went back-and-forth when choosing our top tier winners, weeding out la “créme de la créme” from this years’ pool of nominees; we’re quite happy with the results.

First up, Actress in a Leading Role, because ladies first. We put our money on the veteran of the evening, however, the unsuspected Olivia Colman came out of the woodworks and snagged the win for her performance in The Favourite. Glen, you were definitely a Close second.

Second, Actor in a Leading Role. Rami Malek’s performance in Bohemian Rhapsody was just as noticeable as his dentures. As a group of millenials, his vibrant portrayal of Freddie Mercury was one that made us feel as though we were able to experience the allure of Queen for ourselves. Rami was put Under Pressure and came out a champion.

Now, the big kahuna, Best Picture. So many to choose from and only one small statue to give. Even though some of us would absolutely love to say that A Star is Born or Vice took the cake, Green Book shined brighter than the rest. Another runner up was Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma, and the filmmaker was overloaded with little men last night. He won for Cinematography, Best Foreign Language Film, and for Best Director, so we were happy to spread the love when it came down to Best Picture.

Now that we’ve done our post-Oscars roundup, we’ll see you next year. You bring the popcorn - we’ll bring the wine!

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