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2019 is off to a shining start here at REBL HQ, and we hope it is for you too! We’ve been to South America and back, spent some bright days in not-so-sunny San Francisco, (which was still DYNAMITE), showed that our shoes are made for walking in Tulum and limed our way through the streets of Dall-YAS. As a creative agency, we love to make some noise and expand our reach as far as possible. Our amazing team consists of producers, cinematographers, editors, as well as graphic and motion-of-the-ocean designers. We’re a small team but we have a big personality. We think it’s important for people to understand what we do, and how we do it. There’s a lot of work that goes into everything we create, whether we’re talking about product shots for social media, brand campaigns for a new collection, making sound with our very own REBL Jams, or anything else that we can think of throwing into our REBL melting pot. This blog is a gateway for you to understand the process and the inner functioning of REBL, and share with you what goes on behind the lens. It’ll be home to fostering conversation about highlights throughout the year, updating you on projects, insight into our very own creators, and where our work brings us, along with anything else that comes our way.

As creators, we’re problem solvers. We’ve brought snow to sunny summer days, turned farms into blaster league stomping grounds, and made still images into motion art. Safe to say, we know how to keep things interesting. Our vice is taking an idea from nothing, and creating it into something special, regardless of how big or small. Step one, figuring out the what, the why, and the how. Moving forward as a team, we constantly look forward and try to push the boundaries. We all know that our world today is technologically fuelled and ever-evolving, keeping us on our toes, we take pride in staying ahead of the game.

We’re a Montreal based company, but we’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to reach beyond les Québécois borders. Travelling gives us the opportunity to experience different cultures, to expand our creative minds and to improve ourselves - both as individuals and as a team. We not only get to collaborate with incredible clients, but also with stylists, musicians, models and other extremely talented individuals. In a short period of time, as we're closing in on the shortest month of 2019, we’ve got some great original content coming your way and we’re so excited to share it all with you. This is America might’ve taken the W at the Grammy’s, but this creative agency is repping what Canada is all about.

Stay tuned!


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