We’ve Got Balls… Bowling Balls

Teamwork makes the dream work! At REBL House, we believe strongly in the ability to combine creative minds to make the best content that we can. Even though we come from far (Belgium for example) and wide (France as another), we like to come together as a close group of individuals. Our routine consists of working together on set, weekly meetings, and in some cases, bowling. We never drop the ball, however, this week we decided to make an exception. Mainly because we believe that there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. To make things interesting, we ventured out of the House, traded our desks in for some lanes, exchanged computers for balls, and swapped our boots for some lace ups. We’re not on par with the Big Lebowski just yet, but we take our strikes and spares very seriously. Once we are bonafide as a true REBL bowling league, we’ll make sure to invest in a new collection of our very own branded merchandise, full of jerseys, bowling balls, and possibly our very own pins.

As a small, tight-knit team of people who like to have a good time, both in and out of the office, it’s important to take a minute and step back from our work. However, this time in particular, it was for a special occasion. This week we are saying adios to one of our favourite veterans, Amanda Kossits. An editor who has seen and experienced it all here at REBL, and although she is putting down the mouse here in the House, she’ll always have a spot on the team.

No matter where we are, we like to show what we can bring to the table. It’s important to mention that considering we’re a production agency, we never go anywhere without a camera. Even though our team activity is mostly about fun and games, while on the topic of merch, we thought we’d mention we brought a little work along with us. Geared up in our “REBL House” hoodies, we took the opportunity to turn our outing into a photo-op, naturally. Our very own Annie Liebovitz, otherwise known as Tom Mcnamara, was able to capture shots of us both in our natural habitat, and out of it. We can’t say that our Winter collection was graced by the late Karl Lagerfeld himself, but we eat, sleep, and work in our hoodies, so we thought you should have the chance to see them for yourselves.

Most of the time we keep behind the camera, but for now, we’re stepping in front, so make sure to turn to our socials to check our team out in all of our REBL glory.

X’s and /’s!


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