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Our mission is to convert limitless imagination into compelling content that sparks meaningful conversation, ultimately driving actionable results.

REBL HOUSE was born at a kitchen table in Montreal, Canada, with a backpack, a camera and a passion for storytelling. One client became two, and two became ten and before we knew it, REBL had established relationships with some of the country's most renowned brands & businesses. With a little bit of luck and a whole lot of determination, REBL grew into what is a leading creative agency in North America, led by the most incredible, award-winning team. Nope, we’re not biased at all.


Creative Strategy

Flex is a strategic division of REBL HOUSE that focuses on helping your business gain high visibility by creating effective & measurable marketing campaigns, brand optimization & thought leadership. Through our combined experience of over 100 years in the industry, we've figured out the secret sauce to creating great ideas that move the needle for our partners. 

Content Production

Our team of experienced producers hold the magic wand to deliver on visually stunning content designed to meet our partners' goals. Our projects are supported by the industry's leading directors, photographers, cinematographers, writers, stylists, artists and more! It truly takes a village and we take pride in the talent behind the lens that brings any idea to a spectacular reality!

Graphic & Motion Design

Strong graphic and motion design has the power to communicate, connect and ultimately propel your brand forward. Our team of highly talented and experienced graphic & motion designers lead the charge in developing original brand identities, various print & digital graphic assets and 2D & 3D animations.

Audio Production

Original music and high quality audio art is part of our secret sauce that sets us apart. In collaboration with the most talented vocalists, song writers, musicians, voice-overs artists and more, our producers are capable of delivering on state-of-the-art music, podcast, radio spots and other audible projects. 

Meet the REBLS

Being a REBL isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a journey for individuals with aligned passions for making the world feel through creative storytelling. With that passion comes great responsibility in thinking differently, executing relentlessly and leading with the utmost integrity. Although it’s a path that can be chosen, it more often chooses us. 

We're growing! Interested in joining the team full-time or freelance? Inquire today!

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